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Located in the heart of Portland’s Historic Mississippi neighborhood and drawing inspiration from the city’s rich manufacturing history, Animal Traffic’s Northeast Portland storefront first opened in 2009 as a haven for classic vintage pieces and rough-and-ready outdoor gear hand-picked from the American west. With a commitment to quality materials and functional style, Animal Traffic showcased well-loved classics like Levi’s, Wrangler, and Pendleton alongside American-made denim, vintage deadstock tees, folk dresses, and much more. Today, Animal Traffic Mississippi also stocks new merchandise from classic heritage brands as well as the finest in locally crafted gifts and home-wares. From jackets and backpacks to field journals and hiking gear, AT is your one-stop shop for all things well-made, well-loved, and well-suited for all your adventures.

Designed by owner Tom Erickson in 2012, Animal Traffic’s Downtown Portland storefront is a perfect marriage of contemporary design and rugged resourcefulness – much like the city itself. From the salvaged wood floor to the barn wood walls, Animal Traffic’s second brick-and-mortar is an homage to Oregon’s rich rural history as well as its contemporary design culture. Like its Northeast predecessor, Animal Traffic Downtown is committed to sourcing and selling high-quality clothing, boots, and home goods that support American workers and craftspeople. Whether you’re in the city or the country, Animal Traffic is proud to offer a curated selection of gear and gifts for wherever your travels take you.


Opened in 2014 just two doors down from our Mississippi storefront, The Annex is home to Animal Traffic’s curated collection of boots, shoes, and coveted footwear for both men and women. Besides being one of the few stores that stock the Red Wing Heritage collection, we also offer custom fittings for White’s Boots as well as boutique brands like Terhi Pölkki, Fortress of Inca, and many more. With a focus on customer service and a commitment to timeless, quality footwear, The Annex is proud to continue Animal Traffic’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and classic American style.

Born from the same DNA and principals of our our sister businesses, Animal Traffic and The Annex Boots and Shoes. Fairlane Coffee believes in keeping it local! We serve Portland favorites Water Avenue Coffee, Lauretta Jeans & Tea Chai Té. We love American history, classic cars, vintage clothing and modern goods made in the heritage spirit. Sellwood is a classic blue collar neighborhood and though it's going through it's modern changes we're keeping a little of the old spirit alive. Locally roasted fair trade coffee, locally baked goods like grandma used to make and classic cars from an era when American workers were making the coolest cars ever. Located at 6647 SE Milwaukie, Portland, OR 97202 open daily, 6am-7pm.