Better Bar

$ 3.50

The Better Bar was born from a desire to combine my personal and professional passion for organic, antioxidant-rich, and exotic flavors with a need for an allergy-free, stamina-building snack in harmony with my active lifestyle as an avid outdoorsman and snowboarder.

During a backpacking trip in South America, I explored the idea of making a portable snack that would be delicious to even the most discerning palate, nutritious, and safe for vegans and celiac and allergy sufferers. I wanted an allergy-free and artificial-flavor-free food bar to enhance my mental and physical performance and stamina. As an executive chef and the owner of an organic soup company, my taste-buds were always disappointed with other bars on the market. Upon returning to the states and in this pursuit, I developed The Better Bar.

The Better Bar is the only bar on the market completely free of the 8 major allergens, full of raw enzymes, and containing 8g of complete protein. From children with severe allergies, to seniors with compromised digestion, to elite athletes, The Better Bar is the perfect portable snack or meal for anyone who desires enhanced physical and mental stamina without sacrificing taste.

Please contact us with your questions or stories about how The Better Bar works for you.

Eat Well, Perform Better.

Brody James