Extō + 2

$ 70.00

A table lamp and electrical extension in-one, the Extō is the only modular power source with a internal tamper resistant barrier protecting the electric current from little objects, helping prevent shock. The cord is long enough to reach the center of most rooms.

Hand-built in Washington State, Extōs have three-prong grounded sockets at the end of the cord. The outlets face upwards for easy plug/unplug and for accessories such as the lamp conversion kit.

The housing and cover are custom powder coat, not painted, for durability and reduced emissions.

Non-slip, non-marking polyurethane feet keep the Extō in place on a table, counter or other hard surface. The cover is secured with a flat stainless socket-head machine bolt for tamper resistance.

Every Extō is made in the USA with some imported components and is intended for use indoors with small appliances.