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Field & Weather Wax

$ 12.00

Brand Johnny Porter

Our proofing wax for apparel and other soft goods has been a long time coming, but we think it's been worth it - and we think you will too. Our proprietary blend of all natural plant-based oils and waxes is blended to provide an easy to apply long-wearing wax treatment. Again, there is no silicone or paraffin of any kind in Field & Weather Wax. None.

Field & Weather Wax does two things: It of course provides for a water-repellent barrier on fabric, and secondly, Field & Weather Wax provides for a "slick" coating on clothing that allows briar and brush to "slide-off" fabric rather than "digging in" and possibly puncturing or tearing untreated jackets, vests, pants, hats, or packs. It works on all cotton, denim, duck, or canvas fabrics.

Field & Weather Wax is designed to be applied by hand, cloth, or brush once heated to soften. We heat ours in a warm water bath over the camp stove or home range. (We even softened a tin on a warm engine in the field!) Once applied, the garment or other soft good can be warmed with a hair dryer to "flow-out" the wax for further fiber penetration and to get that "fresh-from-factory"  look.