Johnny Porter Hand Crafted Soy Wax Candles

$ 20.00

10oz. Candle
100% US sourced and made soy wax
100% Recycled Glass Container
Natural Cotton Wick
40 Hour Approximate Burn Time
100% Crafted by hand in small batches in Orange, Virginia

BOOT JACK - Best Seller!

There’s something familiar about this scent - lavender, notes of seasoned oak, and perhaps even leather. It’s a fresh scent, not overly masculine or feminine. There’s an underlying rich and somewhat earthy note that comes across as warm and amber-like. Boot Jack is a “handy” scent that freshens a workshop, den, or bedroom. It’s become quite the favorite.


Pine, balsam, a bottom note of cedar - our Pine Camp candle reminds us of a good night camping or a lazy day walk in the woods. It's the perfect way to bring the outdoors in and family and friends together.


We’ve given the words “sweet” and “warm” a scent and we call it Honey Maple & Bourbon. Honey Maple & Bourbon has become our signature scent and a favorite of friends and family.

On the surface this scent reminds us of warm maple syrup on pancakes and honey-drenched biscuits on a cool morning. As the scent develops and you find yourself in your favorite armchair with a good book you’ll begin to smell just a hint of bourbon and it will aaaall make sense. 


"Water of Life" - Our Eau De Vie candle shares its' name with the clear and colorless fermented fruit brandy. In this case we chose fresh pear to add a light fruity hint to the first note of this scent followed very closely by a a second note of a light spicy brandy. Perfect for the study, library or garage. (No one will ever accuse us as stuffy!)


Refreshing - that’s the first word that comes to mind when our Southern Campaign scent starts to really wake up! Top notes of lemon and black tea make an entrance with middle and bottom notes of mint and honey close behind. Man! Where would we be without sweet tea? This scent is perfect for the kitchen or breakfast room. Just open the doors and a window and let the scent ride the breeze!


A back porch on a salt marsh and a nice breeze from the south brings with it the sweet smell of Gardenia. Billie Holiday is on the radio, coffee is in hand, and the weekend is here. All you can think about is a spot on the beach or casting to red fish tailing by the oyster bars. Either way you look at it – you’ve got the whole weekend to think about it.


Wiley T. made all kinds of libations but for sure his more "infamous" concoction was his cider. Come fall when apples were at hand and a little warm "pick me up" was the cure for a cold day working outside Wiley's Cider was just what the doctor ordered!

We've attempted to recreate this most celebrated of fall scents with our own version of Wiley's Cider. Top notes of apple, clove, and cinnamon share the nose with some orange peel and nutmeg. We added to the bottom note with a hint of spruce for warmth and an outdoor Fall "snap".