L.C. King Pointer Brand Indigo Denim High Back Tailored Cut Overalls

$ 91.00

Brand L.C. King

Pointer Brand Tailored High Back Overalls are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable. They are Tailored-Cut for comfort, prewashed for sizing ease, lightweight for mobility, and reinforced through the hip pockets for durability. Features include a snap bib pocket, rust-proof fasteners & buttons, watch pocket, and an accessory pocket for ruler, pliers, or cell phone.

The fit of our "Tailored Cut" is normal from the waist up, slightly slimmer in the hips, and tapered in the legs all the way to the bottom. In essence, they fit the body more like a standard pair of jeans. This does not define their intended use in any way. Tailored Cut is a valuable style option for all of our customers and is often the choice of those looking for overalls as streetwear or daily wear rather than traditional workwear.

Pointer Brand Overalls have help define the Character and Style of American Workwear for over a century. These Overalls are built to take the punishing lifestyle all workwear garments should endure. Our Overalls are cut and sewn from our stock fabrics to the classic standards.

All of our overalls are True to Fit and not vanity sized. These overalls are prewashed and pre-shrunk.